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Questions and answers

Answers to the most common questions regarding the computer systems of the department are collected in a knowledge base, which may be accessed in two ways: browsing by topic and search on keyword.

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The list of topics covered in the knowledge base is found by following this link.

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To search by keyword or phrase, enter it in the window below.

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This knowledge base is growing constantly. If the answer to your question is not found here, you may submit it to support. In this way, you can help to identify important additional material which should be incorporated.

If you have a problem or question which is not addressed in the knowledge base, you can contact either the office of student services (studentexpeditionen) or support.

Introductory notes on Unix

In addition to the knowledge base, an introductory set of notes on Unix, written by Per Nordlinder, Marcus Bergner and Jon Hollström, is available here in PDF format. These notes are currently available only in Swedish.

Questions or problems? Send mail to: support@cs.umu.se