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Some quick howto's

What's the CS account? (not CAS)

You have an account, xxxNNyyy where xxx denotes what program you are reading, NN is what academic year you got your account and yyy is based on your name. It holds mail, storage for studies etc.

How to I reset/get the password?

Visit support on floor 4 (check for signs in the ceiling) or reset at http://webapps.cs.umu.se/password/ with your CAS id.

Course stuff at CS is sent to my mail, how do I read it?

Webmail at https://webmail.cs.umu.se, or on your own computer/phone: SMTP and IMAP is mail.cs.umu.se, SSL/TLS. Use the account above. More info at http://support.cs.umu.se/mail/

Can I redirect my mail somewhere else?

Sure, go to https://webapps.cs.umu.se/mail/.

How do I transfer files?

Connect with an SCP/SFTP client (FileZilla, WinSCP, ...) to for example salt.cs.umu.se or peppar.cs.umu.se

Any more useful sites?

Support @ CS: http://support.cs.umu.se
Web applications @ CS: http://webapps.cs.umu.se

I have trouble with my CS account, or stuff there

Go to CS support on floor 4 in MIT building

I have trouble with my CAS account or access card

Go to Info Center in Universum

Schedule for all classes at CS?


Questions or problems? Send mail to: support@cs.umu.se