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The computer laboratories of the department

There are two principal types of computer laboratories at the department - those based upon the Microsoft Windows operating system, and those based upon Debian GNU/Linux.

These laboratories are housed in the MIT building. The Microsoft Windows laboratories are on the third floor of MIT-huset and the Linux laboratories are housed on the fourth floor.


MA316 —  Windows laboratory, Moons, Windows 10 (Available computers)

MA326 —  Windows laboratory, Creatures, Windows 10 (Available computers)

MA416 —  Linux laboratory, Doctor Who?, Debian GNU/Linux 9 (Available computers)

MA426 —  Linux laboratory, Hogwarts, Debian GNU/Linux 9 (Available computers)

MA436 —  Linux laboratory, Keywords, Debian GNU/Linux 9 (Available computers)

MA446 —  Linux laboratory, X-Men, Debian GNU/Linux 9 (Available computers)

In the images below, the UNIX laboratories are marked in red, the Windows laboratories in blue. To find out more about a particular laboratory, just click on its position in the image.

MA316 MA326 MA416 MA426 MA436 MA446
Plan 4 MIT

Laboratories on the fourth floor of MIT-huset

Plan 3 MIT

Laboratories on the third floor of MIT-huset

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