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The department has contracted to HPC2N for backup services. In short, this implies that HPC2N has responsibility for operation and maintenance of the server program and tape library while the department has responsibility for administration of its backup domain and for operation and maintenance of the client programs within the backup domain of the Department of Computing Science.

The data which are backed up comprise the student and employee home directories on the UNIX system, the directory for incoming e-mail, and the hard disk of each Windows machine in an employee office. (The hard disks of the windows machines in the student laboratories are not included.)

Backup is run only during the night. This implies that files which are created and/or modified and then deleted during the same day cannot be recovered.

If you are an employee and have been issued a laptop computer by the department, be aware that backup of those files stored locally on your machine can be backed up only in the case that your machine is connected to the departmental network and is running during the night.

For further information see Backup information (pdf) (currently only in Swedish).

Questions or problems? Send mail to: support@cs.umu.se