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Introduction to Systems


All printing at the department is managed by the UNIX system. For each print job, information on the associated user, the number of pages, the name of the printer, the time, and other information is saved. This information is used to manage the allotment of printing resources to each user.

Print quotas

The print quota of a user is the number of pages which that user is permitted to print. Each student has a limit on the number of pages which may be printed, the amount being based upon the number of course credits for which the student is enrolled at the department. Currently, the allocation is twenty pages per credit. Certain courses are more "printing intensive" than others; for such courses additional allocations may be provided.

Print quotas are not used for employees.


In each computer laboratory there is a printer which is accessible for students in that laboratory; however, in case of need, it is also possible to use a printer in a different laboratory. Employees of the department also may use the various printers which are located in the office areas.

To install a printer on your own computer, follow the instructions on:


Printers for both students and employees

Name Location Model
ma141ps MA141 HP Laserjet M602 with duplex unit
ma326ps MA326 HP Laserjet M602 with duplex unit
ma426ps MA426 HP Laserjet M602 with duplex unit
ma446ps MA446 HP Laserjet M602 with duplex unit

Printers for employees

Name Location Model
astrid corner MB/ME (close to Informatics) HP Laserjet M602 with duplex unit
boye corner MB/MC (far west) Konica Minolta C368 Color Copier/Scanner/Printer
elsa Floor 2 Sharp MX3100N Color Copier/Scanner/Printer
trenter corner MB/MD (mail room) Toshiba e-STUDIO 5560C Color Copier/Scanner/Printer

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