Your user account at the Department of Computing Science includes e-mail services which may be used both locally from UNIX machines and from programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Mail.app, Outlook and similar.

Reading mail within the department

You can either read e-mail using programs such as pine or mutt on UNIX machines, or use Thunderbird, Mail.app, Outlook, etc. See the next point if you choose the latter alternative. If you are using a Windows machine, you can log onto a UNIX machine using PuTTY

Accessing mail through our Webmail

You can access your email through our webmail which is acessible at https://webmail.cs.umu.se/.

Forward your mail somewhere else, or vacation message

To forward your mail to some other address, or enable a temporary vacation autoresponder, please visit the webapps mail page

Reading and sending e-mail from outside of departmental systems

To fetch e-mail from your departmental account and to send out mail using our mail server requires some configuration of your software.

These configurations are described in more detail on a separate page, which also includes information on the filtering of spam.

Reading your @umu.se mail (for staff)

Check the guide for Reading your Umu/AD mail.

Archives for course mailing lists

The mailing lists of all courses are archived, and are accessible by all with accounts on the departmental systems, regardless of whether or not that person is enrolled in the course.

Access is via this link to course mailing lists.

You will be prompted for your user name and password before being granted entry. Thus, only valid users have access to these archives.

Customizations for mailing lists

It is advantageous to make a few customizations regarding membership in various mailing lists; for example, if one wants to receive a copy of one's own messages to the list.

Mailing lists in the department are managed by Ecartis.

To alter settings and the like one can either issue commands (e.g., help) to ecartis@cs.umu.se or enter via the web interface.

You should not use this tool to subscribe or unsubscribe to course lists. If you add or delete yourself from a list yourself, this information will disappear the next day, as these lists are synchronized nightly with information obtained from the university administration. If you believe that your membership, or lack thereof, in such a list is in error, please contact the Office of Student Services so that a proper adjustment may be made.

The lists of which you are a member may be determined by looking at the user information page.