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Introduction to Systems

Software in our computer laboratories

The software which is installed in a given laboratory depends upon which courses currently use that laboratory. Special software for certain courses is typically installed only in the laboratories which are booked for that course.

Can I influence which software is installed on laboratory computers?

The departmental laboratories are for our students, so that you have the resources to complete your course assignments in a suitable environment. Therefore, you can of course influence which software is available. For general software, that is, software which is not tied to a particular course, such as editors, you can let your preferences be known directly to the support staff, which will investigate the possibilities. For software which is intended primarily for a specific course, you should first discuss the situation with the course instructor.

Software versions

We try to keep the software as up to date as possible, but new versions often appear more rapidly than we have need for them.

It is always a good idea to install your own programs (which do not require administrative privileges for installation) in your home directory or under common data areas (under Windows Q:\ or under UNIX /pub/anarchy). Remember, though, that these areas are publicly readable and writable, and other may be able to modify your installation. Also, these areas are not backed up, and so there is no guarantee that your program will remain over a longer period of time.

Playing computer games in the laboratories

It is strictly forbidden to play computer games in the departmental laboratories. Respect this rule so that all students can have a quiet and pleasant work environment. The penalty for violating this rule can be lockout from the departmental computer systems.

Questions or problems? Send mail to: support@cs.umu.se