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Introduction to Systems

User accounts

At the department, there are two main types of computer systems, UNIX based and Windows based. Each student and each employee has a user account for these systems.

Some general information on exactly your account is available at the user-information page.

User profiles under Windows (applies to students)

Every time you log onto a departmental Windows computer, every file which is saved in your profile directory is copied to the local computer from the server. When you log out, this data is copied back to the server. Instead, save files and documents in your UNIX-home directory (H:\). If your profile has been lost, you can ask support to install a backup; to do this you must provide, in addition to your user name and the names of the files, a date on which the files were intact.

Accessing your UNIX home directory under Windows

Your home directory on the UNIX system is accessible from Windows when you are logged on. It is mounted from the home-directory server home automatically. To access it you can find it on H:\


Passwords may contain almost any characters. For your choice of password to be valid according to our rules must it contain the following items:

  1. The password must be at least eight characters long.
  2. The three categories A-Z, a-z och 0-9 must each be represented at least once.
  3. Other characters are fine, except for .

Note: As soon as a feeble password is detected, the account will be closed for security reasons.

When changing your password (some methods) you will be presented with some randomly generated passwords, which you can use if you want.

You can change your password at https://webapps.cs.umu.se/password/

Questions or problems? Send mail to: support@cs.umu.se