To increase the security level of the department computer accounts we're currently phasing in a requirement to use MFA when logging into the department SSO.

We strongly recommended using Passkey instead of Authenticator App (OTP) when possible,
as it's a much faster and more integrated experience compared to entering codes from an mobile phone.

Though the Authenticator App is a very good thing to have available as backup if/when your regular device is not available, so setting up both types of MFA devices is a good idea.

Adding a MFA device

Go to and login with your CS-username and password. If you already have a MFA device configured you'll need to use that as well.

If you've lost all MFA devices, contact Support for help.


Go to Account Security -> Signing in

Types of MFA

There are two options of MFA devices that you can use

Authenticator Application

An OTP-code generating application, ex. Microsoft Authenticator app that you likely already use for your Umu-id MFA.

Though many other choices exists, such as:

  • Yubikey (via Yubico Authenticator app)
  • FreeOTP (another OTP app for Android users)
  • andOTP (another OTP app for Android users)
  • and many Password Managers such as 1password/lastPass/Bitwarden/.. can typically also act as an OTP app


A hardware security key, ex. and Yubikey, or even just your regular computer or mobile phone itself.

Using your computer as a security device, ex. if your computer has a built-in fingerprint sensor, or with a PIN-code, is currently not supported by any browser on Linux, so it will only be possible for people running Windows or MacOS.

Adding a MFA device - OTP Device (ex. an Authenticator app in your phone)

Click the Set up authenticator application link to start the process


Enter a descriptive name in the Device Name field. If you have multiple MFA authenticator-apps configured you'll need to select which one to use when authenticating, so something short and informative is good here. 'MS Authenticator', 'Yubikey', 'freeOTP', ..

Scan the QR-code with your Authenticator app,
then type the 6-digit code shown in the app into the One-time code field in the browser.

Detailed instructions

Adding an MFA device - Passkey (an hardware security device)

Click the Set up Passkey link to start the process


Click the Register button, touch/activate your security key.

Enter a descriptive name for the key when the browser prompts for it.

Detailed instructions

Authenticating with MFA

Authenticating with MFA